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Each  year more than 10,000  people in the U.S. fall victim to a spinal cord injury resulting from a variety causes, including auto accidents, shootings, diving accidents and falls. Such injuries usually result in long-term or permanent health and life-style changes. In addition to the loss of physical mobility and other serious long term health issues, SCI victims and their families have to contend with the added cost of specialized medical care and loss of future earnings.

Making a spinal cord injury claim can be a complex and anxiety producing process. Spinal cord injury claims are involved and can take a long time to resolve. That is why it is important to speak to an experienced spinal cord injury attorney as soon as possible - time limitation periods apply and investigating your claim is often easier if you begin proceedings quickly. Your initial consultation with SCI Law is free, and we will tell you then whether or not your case is worth pursuing. If it is, we will investigate your case free of charge. Your case would be handled personally by attorney Ronald R. Gilbert, one of the country's most experienced legal experts in spinal cord injury law.

Ronald R. Gilbert began representing victims of spinal cord injuries and their families in 1981. Since then he has worked on behalf of more than 300 people with spinal cord injuries in 35 states. The spinal cord community knows Ron Gilbert as a lawyer who cares. He has worked hard as an advocate for the handicapped, having founded and directed the non-profit Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure (FSCIPCC). FSCIPCC is committed to improving the quality of care for persons with serious spinal cord injuries and to raising funds that support the search for a cure. FSCIPCC is comprised of victims of spinal cord injuries and their families, persons dedicated to the prevention, care and cure of SCI and professionals who provide free counsel to SCI victims.

Ron Gilbert handles each case personally, providing support through an extremely difficult time of life. He balances the delicate handling of such a traumatic event with a proactive approach to the many practicalities people face after a spinal cord injury. Throughout your case, he will support and help you as you adjust.

To reach Ron Gilbert, you can phone toll free at 1-810-513-3137 or
send an email message to

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Ronald R. Gilbert
631 Warner Drive
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